Welcome to my page!

I am Samantha Shue, the creator behind The Decor Spot, a blog that specializes in home decor and cooking. I am married and we have a little boy together. I work full time in the Information Security/Vulnerability Intelligence space!

In 2018, we made the decision to build a house out here in Omaha. You can learn more about our homebuilding journey here.

I enjoy helping others create spaces they adore to make their house truly feel like home. It doesn’t matter where you live, I lived in apartments most of my life and I still put love into each and every place I lived. You can turn any space into your own retreat/haven and that’s where I come in.

Another one of my passions is cooking. I’m a recipe developer for many brands across the world and I showcase some of those recipes on my blog under RECIPE BOX. 

….visit my Instagram page @TheDecorSpot for even more inspiration!

“Talent is good, practice is better, passion is best”