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Construction Staking & Site Layout


Staking the lot is the first step towards taking your home’s design from paper and building it in real life. Staking the lot accomplishes two things. First, the boundaries of the lot are clearly established. Second, the footprint of your planned home is also marked in the same manner.

We headed out to the house lot today to see if anything developed since we had last been there. There was some staking done. I’ve never been so happy to see where our house will soon be our home.

Why did we pick this lot?

We looked at so many lots that were available in this neighborhood. I was looking for a few things:

  1. Corner lot – it had to be a corner lot and i wasn’t budging on this. It did cost more than the other lots but that was because you have to pay for sod, etc. We were ok with that. It’s important to have a list of what you can’t life without and then a list of things you might be able to budge on.
  2. The direction of the house was important to me. If you believe in Feng Shui, like I do, than the direction of your home is important to you. I’m all about bringing good energy into our home and it starts with picking the right lot. You want to pick one that gives you all the happy vibes.

We had a battle over one of the lots for sale… not kidding.

When we were in the process of picking out which lot we wanted, I actually didn’t pick our lot first. I picked lot #105. It was another corner lot a block away from ours. I remember telling our sales agent that I wanted lot #105 and it was the perfect lot. She came back to us and said someone else already claimed it but they haven’t put their deposit down yet.

Within the next hour or so, Zach and I drove past the lots and we came upon lot #118. There was just something about it. I felt like it was a bigger lot, I loved the direction the house would face and the backyard would be bigger than lot #105.

So, I went back to our sales agent and told her #118 is perfect, it’s the one we want. She wrote back that another sales agent had it on hold but it wasn’t confirmed. It took a day or two for us to hear back that whoever had a hold on the lot forfeited the land and it was ours with a small deposit. We quickly dropped off a check and it was finally over.

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construction staking and site layout

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