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Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Decor


If you are joining me from Nancy at the Simply Styled Inspo Blog – welcome to The Decor Spot. I’ve rounded up my favorite budget-friendly Valentine’s Day decor from Target.  If you are looking to do an adorable breakfast bar for your loved one(s), read on for more ideas.

I must admit that I was never a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Not until I met my husband, which wasn’t until I turned 30. So needless to say…..I wasn’t a fan until later on in life. I enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day when we were dating, but even more so now that we are married and have a little boy. Jack isn’t old enough to understand any of it yet, but there is just something that makes the day a little sweeter just by him being here.

Now, let’s get into it. When choosing my top favorites, I kept a few things in mind. Budget being one of them – you do not need to go overboard with spending. Target always home decor that is stylish and affordable. How many times have you walked past the dollar section and thought to yourself “yup, I could use that random item somewhere in my house”? I certainly have and I always end up finding something cute to do with my tiny cupcake stands HAHA! Ok, I’m babbling. Next up is – Cute Factor – no matter the holiday, Target always pulls through with the cutest stuff. Hands down, I’ve never found anywhere else that has the cute factor nailed.

My Top Picks

  1. Mini Heart Waffle Maker – I can’t handle the cuteness with this one. How perfect is this for making heart-shaped waffles?
  2. Blush Tablerunner – the light pink color and white little hearts add a simple touch of Valentine’s Day decor to your home.
  3. Heart Platter – this is perfect for adding a little valentine’s day flare to your home without overdoing it. How cute would heart-shaped waffles look on this platter in the morning? I love it.
  4. I love you, I love you more MUGS – perfect for you and your significant other. Can I just say that Target has the best mugs? I always find the cutest ones and own 100s of them.
  5. Champagne Flute – this is a necessity, amirite? Go ahead and whip up some mimosas for your breakfast spread.
  6. L O V E Balloon – I’m not a big balloon fan, truth is – I have a fear of them. Have you ever heard of someone having a fear of balloons? It’s a real thing. However, I can get on board with this balloon as it’s the perfect size and I’m not constantly scared it’s going to pop.
  7. Waffle Plate – This is the perfect plate to serve your waffles on. Kid-friendly plates made of melamine. I can’t get over the price tag of them either.

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  1. Love all these cute finds Samantha!

  2. I so want that waffle maker! Such cute finds!

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